• Use metal shadow sculpture to enhance a garden or park - Town of Choctaw
  • Turn a vacant lot into a Veterans Memorial - Town of Laverne
  • Rehabilitate a deteriorating historic cemetery and rebuild the headstones - Ardmore
  • Build a pocket park on a shoestring budget - Hole in the Wall Park in Newkirk
  • On NWOSU campus: the strategic placement of trees and flowering pots with vining plants made a huge difference on a modest budget.
  • Xeriscape - try it! See Native Landscaping for more details.
  • At a middle school - pair up detention students needing service hours with honor students and supervised by faculty to clean up, weed out gardens, create beds, plant, mulch and water - you'll soon have beautiful new landscaped areas and students who have learned a lot about working together - Carl Albert Middle School, Midwest City
  • Create commemorative groves of trees where families can buy the trees in honor of a loved one