Nomination guidelines

  • Each award nomination must fit one of the award categories listed. 
  • Nominations must pertain to Environmental Improvement & Sustainable Practices; Beautification & Landscaping; Classroom, Workshop, Conference & Online Training; or Communications & Public Awareness.
  • Nomination must be completed online.
  • The more information, photos, documents, etc. you provide, the more info the judges will have to know how great your nomination is!

Award Categories

Government Programs

Recognizes outstanding projects by government funded projects/programs. 

Nonprofit Organization

Civic clubs, neighborhood associations, churches, special interest groups, statewide or local organizations (501(c)(3) status not required).  Subcategories determined by the population of the organization's service area.

Volunteer Community Group

Volunteers who help build stronger communities through voluntary leadership and passion for KOB's mission, and have made or are making a positive difference in keeping their community beautiful.

Affiliate Champion

Recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to a KOB Affiliate for at least 3 years. This individual may be a board member, volunteer, donor, etc. An affiliate may nominate one person per year.

Team Builders

Recognizes a project completed by more than one entity, working collaboratively to achieve a shared goal. 

KOB Youth Award

For projects designed by and implemented by youth and completed with minimal adult participation.


A project carried out by a small business up to a major corporation. Subcategories:

  • Fewer Than 150 Employees
  • More Than 150 Employees

Collegiate Effort

Projects by either college aged students, faculty/staff at an institution or the institution as a whole.

K-12 Educators & Educational Institutions

Projects that are driven by the faculty, staff or administration at K-12 educational institution.

Law Enforcement

Recognizes outstanding law enforcement entities who assist with ensuring the beauty and safety of this state. Can be an individual or department.

Required Nomination Information

1. Summary

Provide a typed summary of the project or achievement, no longer than 3 pages in a 12pt font, double spaced with 1 inch margins. You may upload the document as a .doc, .docx or .pdf file. 

  • The summary should include: 
    • A clear description of the program/project
    • The impact and potential for longevity of the program/project
    • If the program/project requires ongoing maintenance, how that is being addressed?
    • How and to what extent the community (volunteers, city leaders, businesses, other organizations/groups) was involved with the program.

2. Budget

If possible and applicable to your nomination, include a copy of the project/programs budget. If your project/program already has a prepared budget, submit that. But if you don't, click here to download a sample budget as a starting point. 

3. References

Include the contact information for 2-4, persons/organizations that funded the project and/or benefited from the project. Provide name, title, org., mailing address, city, state, zip, email address and phone number. 

4. Supporting Documents

At least two and no more than four supporting documents are required. Examples include news clippings, project graphics, brochures, screen captures of web pages, videos and charts and graphs highlighting impact of the project. If you are unable to upload these at the time you submit your online nomination, you may email them to KOB. This must be received at KOB by the nomination deadline.

5. Photos

Include at least 5, no more than 10, photos that accurately represent your project or achievement.  For projects/programs that are showing improvement (landscaping, mural, building restoration, etc), before & after photos are preferred. If you are nominating an individual, at least one of the photos must be a recent head & shoulders shot.


Questions? Contact Amelia Schoenhals, or 405.286.9141.