The object of a garden club is to advance the art and science of growing plants, designing with plant materials, landscape design, civic beautification, and conservation of natural resources.

Also, garden clubs work to cooperate with other agencies in furthering the interest of conservation, civic beautification and environmental concerns, as well as to coordinate the interest of the garden clubs of the State of Oklahoma in order to bring them into a closer relationship of mutual helpfulness by association, conference and correspondence. There is an Oklahoma Garden Club non-profit organization (Oklahoma Garden Clubs Inc.) that works to accomplish these goals. 




The Oklahoma Experience Of:

Shawnee Beautification Committee
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Shawnee, OK 74801
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Garden Clubs have been active in Oklahoma for eight decades.  Most cities and towns
in Oklahoma have one or more clubs that are affiliated with the state organization, Oklahoma Garden Clubs, Inc.  Their website is

A survey of your community will probably reveal parks, roadside landscapes, or other public areas that were developed by local garden clubs, frequently in cooperation with the city or county governments or through sponsorships by local banks or other businesses.

An organization whose goal is to promote beautification of the community would benefit from the expertise of members of local garden clubs.  In addition to their personal knowledge, they are aware of resources for specialized assistance.

Some garden club members have completed courses of study through programs offered by the National Garden Club.  Examples include use of native plants in the landscape, planting areas with wildflowers, protection of the environment, and xeriscape gardening.

Garden design, garden therapy, and children’s gardening information and activities are other ways that garden club members can assist.  Having a garden club member included on the team would be beneficial to the organization.

Oklahoma Garden Clubs are divided into geographic districts.  Clubs within the districts have two district meetings each year during which they share information about their local activities.  This information sharing offers ideas that can be used in the local community and provides contacts for assistance when developing a similar program.

The local Chamber of Commerce will probably have the name and contact information of the current president of community garden clubs.  In addition, the state website will have the name of district presidents who would be glad to provide contact information.