Trees are an important part of a sustainable urban landscape.  They provide many benefits to our macro/micro environments.  Whether you have trees in an established landscape or you are constructing around trees, you should have a tree preservation plan (TPP).  Your plan should include protection and maintenance.


Established Landscapes:

  • Keep string trimmers away from the base of the tree. The tree never heals from this type of damage.
  • Avoid damage from mowers and other landscape equipment
  • Use an irrigation design that protects the tree roots during and after installation

Construction Sites:

  • Install fences around trees.
  • Include contract terms that financially penalize the contractor for tree damage on the site.
  • Use a utility run design that protects the tree roots.



  • Use proper pruning techniques.
  • Follow proper watering techniques.
  • Mulch around the root system but do not let the mulch
    touch the tree trunk.
  • Perform deep root spoon-feeding and aeration.

Things NOT to Do:

  • Do not pour concrete inside of trees to fill rotten areas.
  • Do not leave tie-wires on limbs for more than 6 months.


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The Oklahoma Experience of...

The City of Edmond has a Tree Preservation Ordinance, but to understand how we use it a little background on our development codes is important. Edmond has Commercial Site Plan Ordinances with requirements for landscaping. These are described in terms of open space percentage of project area and then in terms of plant density or Plant Units per square foot (250 sq. ft.) of that open space. For special areas like the I-35 Corridor and around Arcadia Lake, the open space and plant densities requirements are higher.

The Plant Units are graded with point values ranging from shrubs to significant caliper trees. Preservation plans for trees are graded with much higher point values determined by size, health and species of tree. The methods of preservation are also outlined to help insure that the trees will survive the construction process.

Values for stands of trees are also provided to encourage the preservation of forested areas to meet the landscaping requirements. The values are determined by the size of the area and then measuring the density and quality of trees in the area to be set aside. The code provides instructions on how to sample the tree densities and species to determine the values that can be counted to meet the landscaping requirement. Usually an arborist20is necessary to make these evaluations.

Some prior studies were performed to help Edmond identify how much of the Cross Timbers Forest was still left. We refer to these areas as Pre-settlement Remnant Forests because we have not surveyed them in detail yet. Preservation of any of these areas is awarded bonus points to assist in complying with the ordinance requirements. 

We value our history, trees, green space and attractive business developments. Application of the preservation ordinance has improved the future for all in Edmond.