10 Resolutions for an Eco-Friendly, Beautiful 2017

Along with your New Year's resolutions to hit the gym and stick to the newest diet, keep in mind resolutions that will benefit you andthe environment. Better yourself, all while protecting your community and the world; we promise these resolutions aren't nearly as hard as maintaining a gym membership. 

1. Be loyal to your soil - compost!

From garbage to garden, composting is a great way to reduce your contribution to landfills. Rather than tossing your organic waste in the trash, start a separate bin for compost. These materials can be used to create nutrient-rich soil. Learn more about how to start composting here.

2. Every drop matters - conserve water!  

As our population grows, more and more water is being wasted. Are you contributing to this problem without even knowing it? It doesn't take much to help conserve this essential resource. Taking shorter showers, fixing leaky pipes, and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth are all examples of how you can prevent water waste. Read here for more ideas.

3. Don't be trashy - recycle!

Hopefully you already practice recycling, but if not, it's never too late to start. If you're already a recycling champ, go a step further by encouraging recycling in the workplace and among friends. Recycling saves natural resources and energy, all while preventing excessive landfill use. 

4. Get involved in your community!

Here's a shameless plug for our 2017 Great American Cleanup in Oklahoma. Give back to your community by organizing a cleanup. Join the over 50,000 Oklahomans that participate in the Great American Cleanup each year. Register here and get more ideas for how you can benefit your community.

5. Everyday efforts - beautify each day!

You don't have to wait for an organized community cleanup to start beautifying your community - it can be an everyday effort. Make a resolution to start picking up litter when you walk past it. It only takes a moment, but it can make a big difference.

6. Use less stuff!

Be conscious of the consumer society we're in and learn how to reduce your contribution to that. Reconsider what you purchase and why. Will it be in a landfill soon? Is it worth the purchase. Consider giving experiences, rather than material, disposable stuff. Read more about the Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality's Use Less Stuff campaign

7. Get Green - plant a tree (or two)!

Trees play a vital role in the aesthetics of urban and rural communities, but did you know they also provide countless environmental and economic benefits? Planting a tree will be a contribution that gives back for many years to come. Plant a tree, give back. Learn more about the benefits of trees here

8. Educate others!

Use your new environmental resolutions to educate others about the benefits of eco-friendly practices. It all starts with you, but the mission can't be accomplished without everyone. Only a third of Americans recycle, and many aren't aware of the consequences of not being environmentally conscious. In fact, many people are still skeptical about whether or not human behavior has a significant impact on the environment. The more people that are knowledgable about environmental issues, the bigger change we can make as a society to continue preserving our world.

9. Drive less - good for the environment and your pocket!

Carpooling, walking, using public transport, and biking are all ways to reduce your contribution to vehicle emissions. Not only can this help you save  money, but it can help keep the air cleaner as well, all while using less fossil fuels. 

10. Buy smarter - look for local and environmentally conscious sources!

Buying local is economically beneficial to your community, but did you know it's environmentally friendly as well? Buying local cuts down on fuel emissions from shipping. It's also a great way to promote and support local businesses. While shopping, also look for companies that use recycled packaging and are doing their part to be more environmentally conscious.

Happy New Year, and may it be filled with many blessing and eco-friendly practices.