WHY do a Community Revitalization Project?

At KOB, we understand that dilapidated, blighted structures within a community affect public safety and health while attracting criminal behavior, whereas maintained structures cultivate an environment of safety and pride.

Because of this, we strongly encourage groups to participate in our Fresh Paint Days program, which give volunteer organizations the opportunity to get free paint and a stipend for supplies to revitalize buildings in their community.

So why take put in the effort for community beautification? Below are some points to provide you some inspiration to tackling a revitalization project in your community.

Economic Development

When driving through a municipal area, sometimes the appearance of the community can make or break whether or not that person stops to visit. Having a clean, visually appealing aesthetic to a community can invite a visitor in … and that tourist dollar. In a 2008 Keep America Beautiful survey of homeowners, 93 percent said that an “unkempt” neighborhood would influence their decision in purchasing a property.

Quality of Life

Beautiful communities foster an environment for beautiful lives. Having a municipal area where citizens feel encouraged to spend time outdoors in the community can have some pretty incredible benefits. Spending more time outside has been scientifically proven to relieve stress, improve concentration, sharpen thinking and creativity, and boost your immune system. 


KAB’s 2015 study regarding blight showed some startling statistics about the negative impacts of blighted structures on a community. Included in this study was the finding that there is a strong correlation between dilapidated structures and an increase in crime. Community revitalization efforts can combat these negative impacts of blighted structures. 

Draw in Businesses

According to the same KAB study on blight, “vacant and blighted structures can cost city governments from $5,000 to $35,000 per property.” Yeah, we're not talking pocket change. Many FPD participants in the past have revitalized a vacated community structure with the intention of boosting its curbside appeal and hopefully drawing in a new business to occupy that space.

There are so many reasons to tackle a revitalization project this year, and Fresh Paint Days is a great way to start. Contact us, and we’d be happy to help you fill out an application and get started on your project!