Saturday's with Shavara

Welcome back to another very green Saturday with Shavara! I am happy to have kept your attention for what is now the 5th Saturday with me. If you’ve been following along thus far you know that my goal is to not only inform, but to entertain you with methods of reducing our environmental impact. The topics that call to me have no order or method behind why they are chosen; rather, I’m often inspired by what I have learned from my own sustainable journey. It has come to my attention that there is a particular material that we all use, but rarely think about once we are finished with it. The material that I’m referring to is paint. I’m certain some of you, like myself have never really thought about what happens to leftover paint once you have completed your paint project. Whether you were inspired by the strong desire to repaint a room in your home, or decorate some out of date furniture, out goes the abandoned paint, doomed for a life in a landfill.


 The process of getting paint is so easy, but what exactly goes into the process of disposing paint properly?  Well fret not, I’ve done some digging and have discovered there are many options that lessen the impact of improper paint disposal.  Let me first say that it wasn’t much work to find this information, so I don’t want to take credit for something that figuratively fell into my lap via KOB’s project coordinator, Amelia Schoenhals (who if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting is a brilliant well of sustainable knowledge). There is an entire website dedicated to drop off locations within the United States on Paint Care’s website here;


who knew!


Latex paint can be recycled, sorted and turned back into new paint, which is much more environmentally friendly compared to new paint. In the event that the paint cannot be reused, it can still be turned into other products, so there are always better options for paint than it hitting the landfill. If you are lucky enough to live in Oklahoma, there is an even more fun and rewarding option that comes in the form of KOB’s Fresh Paint Days.  FPD is a program that encourages volunteers to seek out unsightly community structures and renovate them with the creative use of paint donated by H.I.S Coatings. Application approval also gives participants access to a stipend for supplies provided by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma. This program makes use of surplus paint, which, I need to point out is different than old/expired paint. The colors donated are re-spun and then provided to participants at no charge, making use of paint that would likely have been left to dry out and be thrown into the trash. The application for this program has opened and participants will be chosen in mid-August! In the event that you are not lucky enough to live in our amazing state and do not have access to this program, never fear you can still do your part by utilizing paint recycling drop off centers in your area. Thanks for sticking with me and remember to Reduce, Reuse,Recycle!



KOB’s very own,


Shavara J