It really pays to conserve, and Oklahoma's Guaranteed Watt Savers is a beaming example of this fact. Engineering Energy Star homes around the country, providing LEED certification as well as consulting on green building, GWSSI works to reduce energy costs by 30-40% for each project in which they are involved. This provides a two-fold advantage, saving the American homeowner money, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint. The winner of the Energy Star Partner of the Year award, three times no less, as well as Keep Oklahoma Beautiful's own 2009 Vanguard award winner, GWSSI continues to promote green building and maintaining through their pioneer energy audit program, ECOmpass. Through sustainable practices, in one year, GWSSI reduced nearly 35 million lb. of CO2, 15 million MTCO2, saving 4700 forested acres and removed the equivalent of almost 2900 cars from the road. When it comes to energy savings in the home and beyond, GWSSI offers a truly solid foundation on which to build.  Find tips on how you can reduce energy costs, as more at