OGE Growth grant application

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In no less than 250 words (no more than 750), please describe the activity or project that will benefit should you receive a Growth Grant. Applicants are encouraged to address the following areas: Impact - What do you expect will be the impact of your group's efforts? (For instance in the areas of: environmental education including sustainability, litter removal, beautification, recycling, conservation) Goal(s) - What are some measurable goals you plan to reach as a direct result of this project? (i.e. amount of litter collected, amount of P.E.T. recycled, number of attendees at community workshops, increased public awareness) Include dates, types of events, numbers of volunteers, name any VIPs who will be associated with the event(s) and any other special or unique information.
What is your plan to document your activities (photos, keeping statistics, etc.) and how do you plan to measure your success?
By typing your name in the above box, you acknowledge that all of the above information is correct and that if selected, you will use the grant monies for the project as described above.