What is Tree Campus USA?

Tree Campus USA program recognizes college and university campuses that:

  • Effectively manage their campus trees.
  • Develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy, urban forests.
  • Strive to engage their student population by utilizing service learning opportunities centered on campus and community forestry efforts.

How to Become a Tree Campus USA:

Colleges and universities across the United States can be recognized as a Tree Campus USA college by meeting five standards:

  1. Campus Tree Advisory Committee: Comprised of members representing the diverse audience of those with a stake in campus trees should be established and meet regularly. This committee must include a representative from each of the following: 
    1. Student
    2. Faculty
    3. Facility Management
    4. Community (ex. Community tree board member)
  2. Campus Tree Care Plan: A Campus Tree Care Plan should be flexible enough to fit the needs and circumstances of the particular campus. The Tree Care Plan should be goal oriented and provide the opportunity to set good policy and clear guidance for planting, maintaining, and removing trees.
  3. Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures: A college campus, to be designated a Tree Campus USA®, must allocate finances for its annual tree program. Evidences should be shown that an annual work plan has been established and expenditures dedicated towards that work plan.
  4. Arbor Day Observance: An Arbor Day observance provides a golden opportunity to educate the campus community to the benefits of the trees on their campus property and in the community. The Arbor Day observance can be on the campus or held in conjunction with the community where the campus is located.
  5. Service Learning Project: The Service Learning Project should be an outreach of the spirit of the Tree Campus USA® initiative. This project should be provide an opportunity to engage the student population with projects related to trees and can be part of a campus or community initiative. The project must be done within the course of the year an application is submitted.